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Call for your FREE estimate (have your measurements ready).  All utilities must be marked before any work begins. Sask 1st Call 1-866-828-4888, City of Regina 306-777-7000.

Package Includes:

Excavation of area* , 4-6″ of base (compacted), 10 mm re-bar (16″ on center), 4″ of 32 mpa concrete. Machine cut control joints (washed after). Concrete sealer can be applied at an additional cost.

Package Prices:

0 — 99 sq. ft. $21.00/sq. ft.
100 — 199 sq . ft. $17.85/sq.
200 — 299 sq . ft. $16.60/sq. ft
300 — 399 sq . ft. $15.90/sq. ft.
400 599 sq . ft. $15.25/sq. ft
600 — 749 sq .ft. $11.75/sq. ft.
750 — higher $11.50/sq. ft.

Garage pad (12″ thickened edge) add $$2.00/sq. ft
Exposed Aggregate add $1.25/sq. ft.
*Concrete removal add $1.25/sq. ft.

  • We recommend that driveways and larger areas cure for 28 days and smaller areas cure for 14 days.
  • We do not offer any guarantee against popping due to lightweight particles in the aggregate, or accept any responsibility for cracking due to ground shifting and heaving.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to re-landscape the area upon completion.
  • FREE estimates for additional landscaping services.
  • Price quotes are subject to any increase due to surcharges in cement, aggregates or fuel.
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